Drop Key

Fix your car conveniently while you fly and your parking is on free

Use our easy drop and fly procedure that eliminates waiting time


Follow Parking / Car Rental signage

Driving toward the multi-storey parkade. Level 2 is above the car rental companies.

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Enter Multi-Storey Parkade 2 - Level 2

It is the level closest to the departure gates with the bridge connection.

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Take parking ticket at Level 2 entrance boom
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Follow the signs to Premium Parking and take right at end of passage
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Drive straight into the Premium Parking entrance

Insert your parking ticket again to enter

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Kiosk Drop & Fly

Drop off keys with our friendly staff or inside the drop safe if departing outside of office hours. Take your parking ticket with you. We have Acsa approved access.We always wait for you to hand back your car no matter the time

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